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AEGYOKING is a tumblelog dedicated to Super Junior's cutest, sexiest, most adorable & most talented member. The one with puppy eyes, perfect M-shaped pouty lips & hairstyles that have the shortest lifespans ♥ Lee Sungmin ♥  watermelon/s
All about Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (슈키라)


DJs: Super Junior Lee Sungmin & Kim Ryeowook

Schedule: Mondays to Sunday (22:00-24:00KST)

Radio Frequency: KBS Cool FM 89.1MHz

Official Website

  • This is where we can see official notices, schedules, events, photos and a lot more.

Official Twitter

  • They usually post announcements and photos of the DJs and/or guests prior or during broadcast here. Follow them now!

Official Kiss the Radio App:

  • Search for “슈퍼주니어의 키스더라디오”. It’s a FREE application, so I recommend you to download it now on your smartphones/tablets ^^

Regular Guests and segment names:

  • Monday (옥상 옆 대나무숲) - Rooftop Moonlight
  • Tuesday (때때 문자쇼) - Beige & Ilac
  • Wednesday (힐링 카페) - J Rabbit, Mi, Kim Jisoo
  • Thursday (연애학 개론) - Lady Jane
  • Friday (야식의 품격) - Kim Younghee, Seo Taehoon
  • Saturday (1st hour: 아이돌, 정글의 법칙 || 2nd hour: 때때 노래쇼) - no regular guests
  • Sunday (1st hour: 대결, 선곡 돋는 밤 || 2nd hour: 대결, 사연 돋는 밤) - no regular guests

* Depending on their schedules, there can be guest DJs to fill in for Sungmin & Ryeowook. Aside from the regulars, some other guests also join in the show from time to time. In addition, other Super Junior members, as well as other idols call in or visit the studio at times ~

How to register a KBS account & download Kong Player

* You need to have a KBS account before you can download Kong Player to your computer. This allows you to stream live and also to send messages during broadcast.

* If for any reason, you cannot download K-player successfully, you can stream Sukira whenever there is BORA at Yososexy’s Livestream

* If you plan to go to Open Studio when there is BORA, here’s how to go to the radio station (tutorial by The Korean Codex) -> CLICK!

* I admit that at first, I only listened to Sukira because of the DJs, but as I listened to it regularly, I came to realize that I don’t only get to see and experience another side of Sungmin & Ryeowook. I was also able to appreciate Korean Music more, not just the mainstream KPop ones, but those of the Indie groups as well. They also talk about very interesting topics, which in my opinion, helped me understand the Korean language a lot. They also give away special gifts to listeners who join in their many contests and events :)

* If you have any questions about Sukira, feel free to ask me here on tumblr or tweet me at @_iamgoldie anytime! I also post Sukira’s BORA (viewable radio) schedule there :)

What are you waiting for? Listen to Sukira everyday and you’ll be in for a 2-hour treat 

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