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110928 Sungmin Blog Update “Star Master Kyu”


규느님과 오랜만에 사진찍었다!
Haven’t taken a picture with master Kyu in a long time!

안쪽 카메라는 좀 화질이 떨어지는구만..
But I’m using the secondary camera so the picture quality is not very good..

암튼 요즘 스타를 배우지못해 안달난 제자가 느님을 찾아갔다…
Anyway, recently I haven’t been able to learn Star(Craft) so the disciple is going to seek help from the master …
좀 알려주이소~~
Please teach me~~

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110907 Sungmin Me2Day Update


To 성진: 훗!!덤벼~ 난 스타신 규느님과 동그리선생님에게 전수 받았다!ㅋㅋㅋ

To Sungjin: Hoot!! Panic~ I got a Starcraft lesson from Master Kyu and Teacher Dongguri! ㅋㅋㅋ 

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Mr. Simple Version A | Kyuhyun Cover Giveaway

..because I hoarded too many albums when I went to Korea XD

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This will run until September 10, 9pm KST. I will randomly choose the lucky one via electronic raffle. Good luck! ♥

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110830 Strong Heart 3
Yesung: When I was doing 'Hong Gil Dong' with Sungmin it was also like that, whenever he eats he's with women.
Kyuhyun: Once I saw Sungmin driving to the musical MT and was like "Ah? Sungmin hyung drove here?" it wasn't a big car (one of their vans), 4 women came out of the car!
Leeteuk: When replacing DJs for radio broadcasts it's also like that, at first he's not familiar with the guests but during the songs he's already giving massages.
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