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AEGYOKING is a tumblelog dedicated to Super Junior's cutest, sexiest, most adorable & most talented member. The one with puppy eyes, perfect M-shaped pouty lips & hairstyles that have the shortest lifespans ♥ Lee Sungmin ♥  watermelon/s
[081011] Jack the Ripper Audio File

Since we were only allowed to take photos/videos of the curtain call..I opted to record the audio instead :) Because I didn’t know how big the file would be, I decided to start recording right before Sungmin’s first appearance (from what I saw the day before) Enjoy!

Part 1 | Part 2

Files are password protected, so send me a private message please :)

Please DO NOT cut these files. Thank you!

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Sungmin’s Eye Condition

[Because a lot have been asking and I really love Ophthalmology so much]

Sungmin has a sty (also spelled stye) on his left eye. The medical term for it is a hordeolum and it can either be external (if it involves the gland of Zeis) or internal (if it involves the Meibomian gland). Its most common etiology is Staph aureus. Common causes include: lack of sleep, poor hygiene (I doubt this caused his XD), use of cosmetics (particularly eyeliner), poor nutrition, frequent rubbing of eyes, sharing garments with someone who has the condition. It is a self-limiting condition and can spontaneously resolve, but topical/ophthalmic preparations of antibiotics can hasten the healing process. Applying warm compress can help lessen the erythema and pain.

However, if it’s neglected or if the person with a sty does things that could aggravate it, it could evolve into a chalazion. This condition can also resolve spontaneously but its symptoms are more severe than a hordeolum — photophobia, increased lacrimation and severe pain— which are very bothersome symptoms. Antibiotics are cornerstone in the management of chalazion but if it gets bigger, it has to be surgically removed. It’s done under local anesthesia and doesn’t require confinement after the operation.

For those asking if it is a serious condition, my answer is YES and NO. It is easy to manage his condition but the nature of his job complicates things, not to mention his fear of going to the hospital (OTL). As long as he seeks medical consult as soon as possible, I am positive that he will get well very soon and we will see his beautiful eyes in no time :)

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